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Innovation plays important role in the Industrial and Economic growth of a country. In 2009, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the Manufacturing Institute (MI) jointly produced International Innovation Index, that measures the level of Innovation of a country. India ranked 15th among large countries and 46th among small and large countries. One of the main identified reason for such low rank is that within secondary and higher secondary education system the science and technology education is not in Indian Languages in India. It is in English which causes Indian students mug up science. And that's why they are not able to understand & solve practical problems involving science and technology. Late Prof. Ram Das Choudhary (Eminent Scientist Connected to grassroots of India) already considered this problem and founded 'VIGYAN PRAKASH' a Hindi Journal of research in science in 2002. In continuation to his efforts National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra, with the guidance of Dr. Om Vikas (Ex-Sr. Director MEIT Govt. of India & Ex-Counselor (S&T), Indian Embassy, Japan), is organizing a conference that provides a platform to communicate Scientific and Technological discoveries in Hindi medium.

Submission will consist of title, abstract, keywords, references in Hindi and English both. Minimum length of abstract is 150 words and maximum length is 200 words. The abstracts that are accepted will be published in conference proceedings. Selected abstract may be considered for publications (After taking full paper) in VIGYAN PRAKASH, Hindi Journal of Research in Science Published Jointly by Lok Vigyan Parishad (India) & Vishwa Hindi Nyas, Newyork (USA), ISSN:- 1549-523-X.

Topics of Interest included, but are not limited to the following Areas:
    • Mathematics
    • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 
    • Economics
    • Management
    • Engineering
    • Medical
    • Innovation/Jugaad etc.

Awards Section:- Five Best Abstract Awards. 

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