Author's Guideline

Use link to submit the Abstract(s). Before using the link kindly, 1) Read below instructions carefully and 2) email the abstract to

Guidelines for authors:
To submit abstract, send your entry in both Hindi and English language that contains only the title, abstract, keywords and references.
    1. Article's title, abstract, keywords must be in both English and Hindi languages. It will be good if Unicode is used.
    2. The minimum word  length for abstract is 150 words and a maximum of 200 words. 
    3. Five to Eight keywords should be provided
    4. Minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 references should be provided.
    5. List of all references at the end of the article should be given in the following format:
    •  For books- The name of the authors, book name,  Publisher's name and address, year of publication and the page number, must be in the same order.
    • English abstracts for research papers should be written in English and Hindi articles should be written in Hindi. See the examples below.
      • ओम विकास (2012), वैदिक संगणना प्रविधि-प्रतिमान, विज्ञान प्रकाश, वर्ष-12 अंक 1-2,
      • Om Vikas, and S K Basandra,"Data Algebra and its Application in Database Design", Information Processing Letters, Vol 23, 1986, pp 47-54.
    • English research paper's/magazine's references should be in English and Hindi article's/magazine's references should be in Hindi(Do not translate the references).
    • If any Website is referenced, the complete URL should be provided within reference.
    6. Along with the article, DO NOT FORGET to provide your name, title, organization name and address, email address and contact phone number and mobile number.
    7. Based on the abstract, the author must provide three reviewer's name, organization, address, email and phone number to whom that article can be sent for review. All three reviewer should belong to different organizations.
    8. This is not mandatory to change English vocabulary words in full Hindi vocabulary. One can use internet for finding Hindi alternate of a English Word. You can also send a table along with the submission which conforms to Hindi - English words, that will help the author as well as someone else to understand the article. 

For example see the Microsoft Word sample. You can also see the copies of previously published VIGYAN PRAKASH journal.

Note: Required help will be provided to technicians & jugadbaz of the informal sector for writing title, abstract, keywords in both English and Hindi.

For more details and to send abstract mail us to: